Impressions - Playstation 4 (Part 2/2: The Games)

So I’m a bit late with part 2 due to a week that didn’t offer a whole lot of time for blogging. However, I still wanted to talk about some of the games that have been revealed. So far we have a handful of games that have been revealed that will release on PS4, and then another handful of developers who are working on tittles, but we aren’t fully sure what they are just yet. So to start things off, here’s a list of officially announced games that will coming to the Playstation 4 sometime after or during it’s release:


- Knack

- Killzone: Shadow Fall

- Driveclub

- Infamous: Second Son

- The Witcher 3

- The Witness

- Watch Dogs

- Diablo III

- Destiny

Some of the unannounced games are:

- Unnamed Final Fantasy game

- Capcom’s “Deep Down”

- A game by Media Molecule (makers of Little Big Planet)

- A game by Quantic Dream

- A game by Just Add Water

Now I’m not going to talk about all of these game, but I just wanted to share some thoughts on most of them.

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Revealed - Killzone Trillogy

Another trillogy/collection hits the store shelves, and this time its famous Playstation shooter, Killzone.

The Trilogy will include an HD remastered Killzone (PS2), complete with trophy support, Killzone 2, and Killzone 3 (both PS3). The last 2 games will also include all the DLC map packs released for them. It goes for sale on Oct. 23rd here in America, and the following day in Europe for $39.99. 

Needless to say, it’s a great value (like most of these collection games), but the problem lies with people who already own the game. for fans of the series, there’s little incentive to pick it up. I loved the first Killzone, and i’m highly interested in an HD remastered version, but as being owners of all the games already, is trophy support and slightly better graphics worth it?

It’s much easier for games porting over from the PS2 to the PS3 to sale because some people may not have access to their old PS2 favorites, but what of games that release on the PS3, being bundled into a collection? 

For example, i’m highly interested in the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy. it’s an old time favorite of mine, and i’d love to play the games via my PS3. but then if you look at the Infamous Collection, which contains to games released on PS3 and an extra DLC, there’s really no incentive to buy it if you already own it.

That being said, if you don’t own these games, or you haven’t played them, you should jump on this opportunity, because it’s an amazing deal! 

As far as the Killzone Trilogy, i wonder if they’ll bring back the first Killzones multiplayer. i had a lot of fun with it back in the day. Rumors are also going that Killzone HD will be released as a standalone on PSN, i’ll bet cheaper too.

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Killzone Mercenary Announce Trailer (by PlayStation)

So, the PS Vita is finally getting some good games. this one actually looks quite promising. reason enough to pick up a Vita though? i can’t tell just yet…

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Games of the past week!

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Quite the variety played this week.

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Actually did quite a lot of gaming this week…

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My Top 10 PS2 Games of All Time

out of all the systems i have, i probably have the most games for my PS2. and why not? it’s a great system, reliable, and has tons of good games. and as i was looking through pulling out my favorites, i was able to construct my top 10. two things to keep in mind though: 1, these are only based off of games i’ve played. 2, i limited myself to 1 game per series as to not have one game series hogging the spotlight. so here it goes:

#10 - Guitar Hero II

Now, the guitar hero/rock band franchise is long dead, but back then Guitar Hero II was the game. it had a really great set of songs, that even if you didn’t initially like it, you’d eventually find yourself humming along. Every party i went to at that time always had Guitar Hero, and in most cases Guitar Hero II. it was just an overall good experience. unfortunately, it got to big and everyone got tired of the concept.

#9 - Shadow of the Colossus

This game sure was something. it’s still even looked back on even in today’s gaming. it was like an action adventure with a puzzle twist, but what really set this one on the list for me was the sense of achievement. each colossus could only be killed one way, and finding it can be a challenge, but after i finish one of these guys off a swarm of emotions over took me. Initially i feel very accomplished. i faced impossible odds and came out victorious. but then there’s a sense of pity, and guilt. the colossus really aren’t causing harm. they act of of self defense alone and it’s up to you to put them down. especially topped with some later scenes, this game is an emotional roller coaster and is massive at that. 

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Games of the past week: minecraft, bomber man: tournament, uncharted 3, star ocean: first departure, resistance: retribution, Catherine, assassin’s creed: revelations, and killzone 3

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Games of this past week: Minecraft, Journey, Metroid: Fusion, Bomberman: Tournament, Loco Roco, Dead Space, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, Star Ocean: First Departure, Catherine, Resistance: Retribution, and Killzone 3.

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Games of this past week…

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Review: Killzone 3 (PS3)

Killzone 3. finished up my playthrough of the Killzone series with this title, and i have to say it reminded me of how good this game actually is. you know, apart from some flaws here and there, but no game is perfect…unless it’s perfect.


Killzone 3 actually steps away from the familiar grey-tone that was present in the first 2 games. in fact, some levels will actually have some very bright colors. it’s not necessarily in Killzones typical art style, but it’s very appealing to the eye. especially a certain forest level. that one looks awesome. Almost looks ripped right out from Avatar with the crazy colored plants and whatnot.

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Game Wars: Helghast VS Chimera (pt.6)(FINAL)

Alright, this is it. everything’s been accounted for, time to see who wins this.

(CAUTION: may contain minor spoilers for both the Killzone and Resistance Series)




Part 1 - Back Story (

We decided that due to the Chimera’s nature to multiply by turning the dead into more Chimera, the Chimera already had a huge advantage. 

UPPER HAND - Chimera

Part 2 - Warzone (

here we choose the battlefield. we decided that the war would be held on Helghan, since the Helghast fight better on their homeland, and the chimera don’t really have a homeland other than the newly taken earth, and their better at taking over other land. unfortunately this means that neither side has the advantage here.


Part3 - Infantry (

No army is and army without the troops that support it. in the long run the Helghast won in this section due to the variety of different troop classes. it seems they’d have a solution for everything the Chimera could throw at them.

UPPER HAND - Helghast

Part 4 - Weaponry (

Just like an army is nothing without it’s soldiers, a soldier is nothing without a weapon. Comparing the 2, the Chimera’s weapons heavily overpowered that of the Helghast with their unique abilities. 

UPPER HAND - Chimera

Part 5 - Vehicles (

When guns don’t solve the problem, they bring in something bigger. The two factions are incredibly even matched here, but the Heghast brought some more stuff to the table, along with some of their stuff constructed slightly better.

UPPER HAND - Helghast

so here’s the score:



VERDICT: Stalemate

it would appear our 2 factions here are too evenly match to predict a for sure outcome. either team could win if it falls into their favor. however, if the battle were to continue, i feel the Chimera could come out victorious, due to their multiplying through the use of dead bodies. also because the Helghast barely won the last portion, that was super close aswell. had that have been a draw, the Chimera would have won for sure. but this war would last one hell of a long time if it were to see an outcome.

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Game Wars: Helghast VS Chimera (pt.5)

Alright, so in part 5 we’re going to discuss the bigger weapons. such as vehicles, and machines of destruction. This is kind of meshed in with part 4, but due to the longness it would add, i decided to give this it’s own section since both factions have a formidable array of vehicles.

(CAUTION: may contain minor spoilers for both the Killzone and Resistance Series)


The most important vehicle for the Helghast has to be there dropship. it can deploy troops into any battlefield without having to land via rapelling ropes, all while providing air support from its guns.

The Helghast also have a strong number of tanks ranging from offensive models, to troop transport models. these “offensive” models feature a turret for the big rounds and a secondary machine gun. most of the troop transport tanks will have a machine gun nest on the top for a gunner to sit in, but once he’s taken out, the vehicle is defenseless.

The Helghast also have these huge war ships made to fight up in space, or to float high above land and obliterate ground forces. in addition they have several small space cruisers for space and high altitude battles.

Some unique vehicles include a weapon mounted jetpack, a mole-like tank that can plow through walls, and a huge wrecking machine called the MAWLR. this thing is huge and apart from the war ship, probably the strongest the Helghast have. it’s hard to bring one of these babies down.


The “Stalker” is probably the most important vehicle on the Chimeran side. basically the tank for their forces. featuring powerful firepower including anti-aircraft. it’s quite mobile able to move where it please, but suffers from an exposed power core in the back. eliminate the power core and its gone.

The Chimera also have huge war ships, though they do look slightly bulkier. in addition they do have several small space craft vehicles like the Helghast. These war ships probably pack just as much punch as the Helghast, but these look much slower and harder to maneuver. 

Much like the Helghast, the Chimera too have a unique set of vehicles. they have a underground burrowing vehicle as well, and if you can tell by the picture, their own huge machine of destruction, the “Titan”. it’s practically the brother of the MAWLR. they’re almost composed of the exact same stuff.

However the Chimera have a weapon that could turn the tide: the Terraformer. basically floats in the sky and destroys everything on the ground. end of story.


thought the Chimera have the terraformer, i’m afraid the rest of the vehicles are too evenly matched. for instance, the Helghast can easily take out the Terraformer with their warships. in the long run, the Helghast win this portion with their bigger variety in vehiclery. 

So that’s it, it’s all been added up, in part 6 we’ll see who’s going to take Helghan for their own!

Pt.4 - Weaponry (

Pt.6 - Verdict (

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Review: Killzone 2 (PS3)

it was a long 5 years that spanned the gap between Killzone and Killzone 2. i remember i had just given up all thought of seeing another Killzone and bam, one year at E3 they release a “gameplay” trailer, and it looked incredible. this game was probably my most anticipated game of 2009.


The game looks fantastic. it keeps the same sort of grayish tone as did the first game, but now it’s not as drastic. the graphics are quite a sight especially when it was released. it’s great to see the Helghast brought back to life through new graphics and animations. the Helghast even have different looks now for each faction, making it easier to spot the RPG guy quicker and basically knowing who you’re up against. what’s cool is that now even the ISA have visual clues similar to the Helghast orange glowing eyes. you’re fellow ISA members will have blue lights on their backs making it just as easy to identify your team as well as the enemy. this works super fantastic while playing online, but we’ll get to that later.

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Review: Killzone (PS2)

Killzone, a game i’ve beaten many times. but now that i have re-beaten in for the first in a long time, my mind is fresh enough for to write up my review.


Killzone brings some interesting graphics to the table. though it doesn’t have the best graphics, even for its time, its something different than you see in most games. it consist of a log of “grey scale” colors. so mostly greys, and browns, and darker shades of green. this is quite strategically used as it provides that feel for a war-torn land. this also points out the menacing orange eyes of the Helghast to pop out, allowing you to pick them out from a distance. does a good job to tell friend from foe.

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